Free Supreme Court Ruling Essay Sample

The reversal of an old ban on corporate and union independent expenditure in election in deed will have an impact on the political landscape in the forthcoming November election and beyond. The long anticipated and issued ruling permits corporations together with labor unions to finance freely advertisement on media and other forms of direct advocacy against or for election of a candidate. Also, the court overturned a ban on labor unions and corporations in running issue advertising that do not expressly advocate for the defeat or election of a candidate in the last weeks of elections.

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The decision of the court could unleash several corporate-financed attack advertising in upcoming election. President Obama in a statement said that the Supreme Court has given a green light for special interest money a new stamped in the American politics (The Fix). The decision is viewed by the majority as a disaster for the Americans and a dark day for the Supreme Court. The ruling will allow energy companies, drug companies, insurance and the like to freely spend about $10 million or more of corporate funds to defeat or elect a federal candidate which in turn influence the positions of the candidate issues of economic importance.

The court was by no means accurate to mention that this ruling protected our First Amendment right of free speech. The ruling would suppress speech by inadvertence yet speech is an essential mechanism of democracy. It is a means that holds officials accountable to the public.

If with campaign limits in place, a presidential candidate can raise up to over $600,000,000 in an election year, how much can be raised when the campaign limits are not there. In the end, hardly anyone wins in the court ruling except the powerful and huge corporations and certainly not the majority of the candidates or the Americans due to large influx of political advertising.


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