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The conflict between international community and transitional terrorists is predicted to continue in the twenty-first century if drastic measures will not be taken. Recently there has been success; this means that governments must change strategies on how to counter terrorism across the globe. Recently the counter terrorism activities and initiatives have been successful but not to the optimum.

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Areas that require greater accountability and openness are areas such as border points. There should be more cooperation between countries in order to increase security on border entries. Furthermore, transportation security should be enhanced; this initiative will enable law enforcement officers to screen all the people who are on transit. It is also important for governments to enhance the security in documentation of all visitors, this will ensure that only permitted people are allowed in the country.  Ortmeier indicates that, “terrorist attacks will continue to primarily employ conventional weapons, incorporating new twists and constantly adapting to counterterrorism efforts”, therefore it is important for governments to change the strategies in order to be at per with these situations.

Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups have changed their terrorist techniques and they are now using the global insurgency which is more or less of a guerrilla tactic. For example, this tactic was used in the Madrid bombing and 2005 London terrorist attracts. New strategies and techniques have to be developed, for us to win this war on terror. For the war on terror to succeed, Ortmeier concludes that, “the new threats demand the application of counterinsurgency techniques that focus on protecting, securing, and winning the support of at-risk populations”.

The importance of changing and emphasizing more accountability and openness on the above scenarios is to ensure that the war on terror is won and won with a clear margin. This will ensure that the social world is at peace and activities are running smoothly without hindrances.


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