Free Criminology Essay Sample

Criminal justice refers to the application of laws and their study to human behavior. There are various reasons why many people involve in criminal justice systems. It is an organ of justice that mainly deals with administration of justice among the people. People love this field because of the fact that it is luxurious in nature, and that it involves the study of the laws which are very essential to human interaction in the society. Women involve in criminal justice systems because they want to be just and feel the power of equality with men so that they can be able to administer justice on behave of many other women. They specifically want to overhaul the understatement that they have been suffering for long in the society. Trauma is a state of disillusionment by an individual who has done wrong or has been wronged in the society. Trauma can make an individual to avenge or act in a way that will satisfy his or her mental and psychological being. Traumatic people are usually compelled by the feeling of disillusionment that can easily make them do things as crime (Newburn, 2007).

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Drug and alcohol abuse interferes with an individual's sensitivity to human beings and even animals. It thus makes them to act out of their unconscious minds. An individual commits murder or steals without having the right conscience since it has been interfered by the effects of the drug. Women who engage in crime are well known for their disrespect for their families. It is normally extraordinary for women to be engaged in criminal activities since they are among the people who have been presumed to have sensible feelings to other people. Inmost cases, these women are out of influence of drugs or friends who participate in criminal activities.

Criminogenic needs refer to the characteristics of the offenders that make them to get involved in criminal activities. They are the human attributes that are normally targeted when helping an individual to stop engaging in criminal activities. The social networks affect our belief systems on the reasons people commit crimes. As people get more connected, they get to realize and know that it is because of the social problems that have made a number of people to commit certain crimes in the society. Moreover, it makes people know that people committing crimes come from a particular group and that they are aiming at particular intentions and objectives (Newburn, 2007).


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