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In reference to Amendment I, Amendment IV, Amendment V, Amendment VI, or Amendment VII.  I will surrender Amendment VIII. Unwarranted bail is not necessary, nor unwarranted fines obligatory, nor brutal and extraordinary sentence inflict. This is because I think that the bill of right does only target the law breakers and it can perpetuate increase in criminal acts. Individuals will indulge in those activities such as rape, burglary just to mention but a few since they are sure of minimal bails or fines and fair punishments. Though it gathers for those who have done criminal acts, or are facing criminal allegations but do not have enough money a chance to equally access justice.

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From the other amendments all the citizens tend to benefit directly from it whereas in the 8th amendment only those who are facing criminal charges are the one to benefit.  The number of criminal acts will rise putting the life's', property, effects and many more of the citizens in trouble.  The bill of right can falsely be applied by those in criminal acts that are not bail-able to demand for the bail in unclear circumstances. This will force the jury to seek further decisions from the Supreme Court hence delaying justice (Monk, 2001). It open room for trouble makers to jeopardize the courts decision making process in that it may be difficult to ascertain what excess means. This will even challenge the decision which is to be made hence it may not be satisfactory and conclusive enough. The decisions made need also to be independent as much as possible.

The amendment will require additional provisions on the items that will be looked at in the determination of whether the bail or fine is excess, and whether the punishment is unusual or cruel. This may necessitate the involvement of other stakeholders to have the amendment operational and applicable.


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