Free American Mafia Essay Sample

The organizational structure of the American Mafia resembles a legitimate family in many ways. It involves crime but in a discreet manner that is hard for the public to recognize. They are in collaboration with prominent people and, professionals in the Government who act as advisors and guardian.  It comprises of the boss, underboss, Consigliore, Capo regime (or Capo), Soldier and Associates. The Boss is the head of the family. He usually gives orders to the subordinate in the crew. The second in command is the underboss who is in charge of the Capos and takes orders from the Boss.

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The next in command is the Consigliore who acts as the organizer, mediator and advisor of the main activities of the group. Normally a Consigliore is a professional who has links with other influential and powerful people like judges, lawyers and politicians.  Following is the Capo regime (or Capo) who is the crew’s captain.  A crew is a small segment of the family that they run but the guidelines come from the Boss.

The Soldiers are next in commands who are strictly Italians. The last in the chain are the Associates whose role is to run errands like dealing with drugs so as to act as a disguise for the family.

Organized crime refers to an extensive professional group of criminals practicing illegal activities that they arrange in advance from a central association, while terrorism refers to an activity or a reaction that displays the existence of a conflict.

Organized crime is influential, intimidating and motivational. Thus, it involves committing serious crimes. It is usually politically conservative and prolonged. The motivation behind terrorism is overthrowing the political status quo. Their actions aim at defending a group and fighting injustices in order to achieve political change.

According to Cloward and Ohlin there are three distinguished delinquent subcultures criminal, conflict, and retreatist subcultures. Criminal subculture consists of the youth who commit crimes in order to acquire certain skills rather than to get monetary benefits that come with associate crime. Conflict subcultures get involved in crime due to failure to succeed in life through the use legitimate or criminal ways. As a result, they join violent gangs. Lastly, retreatist subculture consists of youth who had many failures in the pasts.  Their inability to succeed legitimately led them to join criminal and conflict gangs and be involved in crimes like drug use.

In the statement, Daniel Bell is referring to people who take crime as a job in order to make living. In America weapon possession  is legal and often these people use it when practicing crimes such as robbery and violence.


Crime is a complex and widespread phenomenon. There are many factors that contribute to crime: environmental, social, economical and political factors that make it difficult to fight it.


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