Free International Law Essay Sample

In United States, the president’s authority to conclude an agreement resulting to a treaty is well established, but at times controversial situations rise on whether particular agreements are within the scope of an existing treaty. There are some of the agreements that are solely concluded on the main reason and there’s no implied authorization by statute or treaty.

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There are steps that are involved in the process of making treaties. They include consultation and conclusions, consideration by the senate, ratification by the president, amendment, and termination. Treaties are laws, and the interpretation of international law is wider than may be found in the constitution. The US may enter into such international agreements which are concluded in the Executive Branch on its own right with the agreement of both houses of Congress. An example of a treaty is the Monroe doctrine which stated that the US would not interfere or intervene with internal concerns of the European countries

International law is considered impartial due to the its wide and varied jurisdictions. A wide range of subjects are addressed among them being international laws on trade, human rights, international law on women, environmental laws, compliance methodology and terrorism. The impartiality and effectiveness of these laws are ensured in the following aspects; before a case is heard the Supreme Court must first establish whether the jury appointed to the hearing of a given case is fair and unbiased, the skills and ability to make accurate decisions in a given case, the institutional and personal impartiality. The fairness in the international laws is enhanced by the principle of respect for sovereignty and therefore holds a very crucial position on standards of international laws. The mere violation of this rule between countries may result to a breach of peace and destroy their mutual relations. The rules serve as a god tool to deter the likelihood of war.


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