Free Prejudice and Discrimination Essay Sample

Prejudice and discrimination will continue affecting the world for a long time. Despite the progress that has been made with regard to the introduction of structures to safeguard people against instances of discrimination, the events continue unfolding on a periodic basis. In fact, the face of discrimination is changing by moving into new areas where it was previously less prevalent. In this regard, discrimination continues to crucial domains such as sports, religion, and culture.

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The sports industry is an area where discrimination continues to affect its participants. As a result, players are increasingly being subjected to potentially discriminative activities. Even though the game of football has been off record from the incidents of color discrimination, the Football league is beginning to show instances of discrimination against black players (239). In as much as many sports clubs strive to prevent this from happening, there is also a strong force coming from their fan bases, who reflect strong ethnic connection. Hence, this shows how discrimination has engulfed the sports industry.

Terrorism changed the American view of the Muslim world significantly. Ever since the occurrence of the September 11 attacks, a new wave of racial profiling begun to be directed against South Asian, Arab,  and Muslim communities and has remained persistent (American Civil Liberties Union). This has been difficult to eliminate in many places, especially work settings where members from this communities continue to suffer from discrimination.

Finally, in as much as the world as become interconnected, the appreciation of certain cultures is taking time in some areas. For example, there are certain parts of the world where some cultures are treated as primitive (). This shows how they are less considered to other members of the society. Hence, this implies that prejudice and discrimination is still far from being eliminated in the contemporary society. 


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