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Children as police officers have easy access to guns but the government and the society lack credible mechanism to stabilize the legality of each gun. Equally, the American society is divided as to whether to legalize all guns or to ban gun possession. Focus on control of guns in hands of criminals and young people. Responsible mechanism to control firearms would go a long way to achieve stable security. Family life is concerned that their security is uninsured because of many illegal firearms in the United States. Movement of firearms from one state to another poses a great risk to the security of the United States as a nation. Therefore, collective state security is a measure that depends on the willingness of the senators to pass a law restricting inter-state gun transportation and illegal possession of guns. However, many critics assert that any form of control on firearms is likely to encourage illegal possession of guns.  In addition, American criticizes the Bloomberg suggestion to allow government intention to control firearm stating that such a control contravenes the First Amendment and Second amendment.  A gun used to commit a crime in New York used to commit another crime at the state of California or Texas.

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According to Adams Orr, a Jefferson Post staff article, County eyes new concealed carry ordinance, the states have lax laws concerning gun control, which remains the single most source of crime across the States. Equally, Adam Orr as Bloomberg argues that Commissioners are likely to amend county ordinance that would conceal all firearms as county property.

Orr uses pathos to captivate the audience to support the ban on guns across states. The statement,  “If somebody is threatening children, or gets angry at a sporting event, if you’ve got a parent there with a gun, you’ve got no control over the situation”; contains both logos and pathos considering the difficult gun point situation to appeal to the public to accept Bloomberg bid to force senator vote in favor of controlling guns. Logos is used when Orr states that out of 240,000 gun permit holders in North Carolina, 2,400 were convicted of crime or misconduct involving the registered gun. Comparably, Bloomberg lacks to state logical facts like statistics used by Orr mainly because his address is a speech, which tends apply a lot of pathos connected with violence and crime to scare Americans into accepting to press their Senators to adopt gun control measure. On the other hand Orr asserts using extra researched statistics that some permit holders harass family and public but the same people remain holding the gun permit without close scrutiny. Furthermore, Orr has used particular responses from interviewees that create easy understanding of topic from various perspectives.

In conclusion, Bloomberg is excellent in using ethos when referring to the fact that the public has power to hold the Senators accountable for crimes committed because of laxity in gun control measures. Bloomberg speech is highly polished using ethos-based tricks that rant against government laxity while at the same time reminding the Senators that American who are the voters who form the government hold the power to get what the majority asks for in solidarity. Since shooting in schools and public places is common in United States, Bloomberg successful uses the pathos better than Orr who employs the logos perspective.  


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