Free What Public Policy Is Essay Sample

Policy analysis is an attempt to find out what the government does to tackle public issues. Government handles issues by passing laws and regulations. Through this approach, several issues like crime, education, health and social welfare are given the necessary attention. There are several lessons that can be learned about policy analysis. Initially, from its definition, we can learn how the government is dealing with issues pertaining to defence, education, civil rights, health and the environment. Moreover, several public issues can be unravelled. For example, what are the United States and Russia doing on the destruction of weapons of mass destruction?

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Another question that prompts in the mind is about the basis of public policy and its causes. We also get to ask about the effects of political organizations and their impacts on society. For instance, we get insight of how revenue collection varies when different political affiliations control the presidency. Additionally, economical, social and cultural impacts can be analysed. For example, one can ask, how is the government dealing with the rising rate of unemployment? What are the causes of discrimination and how can it be eradicated? Finally, policy analysis is a platform where the impacts of public policies can be discussed. Through policy evaluation, we may inquire for example, to know the impact of immigration policies on immigrants. Public policies have evolved over time. Government institutions work on a restricted time frame meaning that their operation is based on previous works.

In my opinion, each institutional policy will affect and shape that institution. Consequently, institutions should choose policies that are favourable for their operation. In addition, I think that public policy is more likely a product of the nature of the institution. Therefore, if an institution sticks to its decisions based on its nature, it can compare its principles against and react appropriately. Wrong decisions conflicting with the character can be made when an institution fails to recognize its present state.


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