Free Death by Emily Dickinson Essay Sample

Emily Dickison is a poet who hailed from America. She was an introvert and appeared rather peculiar as thought by the ordinary people and became famous because of her white clothes that she was fond of. Although a great poet, most of her artistic work was published in her absence. Most of her artistic work revolves around thematic concerns such as death and eternal life. Emily seems to be fascinated with death and probably that is the conservative nature and other habits of not liking to associate with people. She is said to have not being used to shaking hands with people and most of the time remained indoors.

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Irony has been widely used in her artistic work. This is when a character does something opposite of what the reader expect. It can be dramatic irony, situational or verbal irony. It is ironical that although she wrote a lot of poems she never published them leaving a lot of questions un-answered. It also raises eye brows and appears strange that, while still alive Emily appears to be so connected to death. This may be explained as the reason why she did not publish her work wanting to may be die with it. Another explanation may be because she had lost so many of her friends as she admits to her comrade Abiah Root. She admits to be so depressed when she remembers all her dead friends. She can also be said to have addressed an issue that the society avoids to talk about. She does not do this once but several times as she had realized it was very common in those old times.

Satire can equally be seen here. This is when actions of characters are criticized by them through what they say or do. By not publishing her work, Emily does not seem to come to terms with her own actions. The reason why she chose to act this way is may be because she thinks her family and people around wont agree with her. This may be explained to say she knew whatever she was writing about was against Calvinism.

Symbolism is also seen widely in Emily's artistic work. This is when a writer uses an object to represent an idea that he or she would like to pass to the readers. Death which she widely uses can be interpreted to mean it represented her otherwise dormant artistic work. Her work is somehow dead given that she writes poems and does not publish them for people to read. Her relationship with people can also be seen as dead as she appears not to be in good terms with people. She is said to have kept her work away from people close to her because she feared her opinion might differ with theirs. This portrays yet another death of its own kind. Eternal life that she talks about is symbolic. Her artistic work will live eternally and may be we can argue she is still with us although not physically but her spirit is always with us anytime we read her work.


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