Free Literature and the Writing Process Essay Sample

Thesis Statement

Literature and the writing process combine the best fundamentals of a literature collection with those of handbook to help readers by using interrelated procedures of analytical reading and critical writing.

Both literature and the writing process apply the same patterns.  The core objective of the essay is to elaborate the meaning to the readers and pose to them that, the meaning requires serious consideration. Reader is only supposed to receive the author's work of literature. The writing of any work normally comes in stages. However writers mostly don't adhere to this process.

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McMahan, Day, Funk, and Coleman say writing assignment employs literature as a tool of review, and a technique of communicating suggestions. This technique stresses writing as the core with literature as the way of ensuring its effectiveness. Literature fundamentals as presented by McMahan, Day, Funk, and Coleman, have been combined with inclusion of instruction and style handbooks to enhance clear understanding by the readers.

In literature and writing, there are features required to communicate the message effectively to the readers. These features as applied by McMahan, Day, Funk, and Coleman include but not limited to the following; humor and satire, detailed argument giving more support for advancing writing skills, refreshed drama with remarkable plays. Generally, we can argue that Literature and the writing process consists of four major sets of activities; inventing, drafting, Revising, and editing.


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