Free Lords of the Flies Essay Sample

William Golding uses the power of imagination in Simon's bower setting to bring out a natural, serene and peaceful mood. He uses a blend of nature's riches in Simon's environment to illustrate the scene in a vivid manner. What is amazing is how he progresses the plot from light to darkness and the contrasting relief that the fall of darkness brings. The author posits that the setting in of darkness slows down what was already a fast and hot day as things now appear slugging down with the progression of darkness. 

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Throughout the setting, the author uses figurative style to explain the scenario. During daytime, the sun gives rise to a bustle of activities which includes heat. The night or darkness bring limited activity and also cools off the heat of the day. In addition, decreased sunlight takes the beauty of colors away and what was otherwise bright looks drab. But the peace that comes with the darkness shows how the subject Simon yearned for it. It gives him the rest he needed from the heat of the sun but also pause another challenge to him as he cannot see clearly the path.

The author chose to use imagery to vividly explain the plot.  The usage of words like slid up, moved up, died, stirred, rose, lifted, poured out among others personify the objects in the environment. It is an ingenious way of bringing out the theme in a glamorous manner. It also gives the reader an easy time to read. The reading then becomes as interesting as it is to read and understand. The author used the objects well to describe the scene and the theme. 


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