Free Prentice Hall Literature Portfolio Essay Sample

The importance of literature cannot be possibly overemphasized. Throughout history, literature has played a crucial role in the lives of people. One renowned British scholar and novelist, C.S Lewis once said, "Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become."  In the context of the premises of the editors of the Prentice Hall Literature Portfolio, there is immense truth being demonstrated on relevance of literature. The truth of the matter is that everything we know and possibly will ever get to know is only made possible by literature. The premise by the editors that the fiction has the ability to remind us in a vivid manner the historical aspects of our lives is not only true but also very relevant. How else can we remember our past without fiction and in deed literature? Through literature, we are able to interact and be part of the philosophical thoughts exhibited by the most talented people of our times as well as the past. The great contribution made in ethics, religion, sociology, politics, and other disciplines is made available to us through literature; which shapes our disposition in the society. No single professional, expert or scholar who is made without literature. The beauty and admiration of literature is unprecedented. Literature can therefore be likened to life itself; determining the manner in which we are to live, think act, and face every aspect of life.

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Contributions of literature into readers' lives  

The truth about literature is that besides containing the truth and reality of issues, more is added into the same reality; getting clearer than before. The beauty in it is the great results it yields upon our lives. Through literature, people obtain so much information pertaining to all aspects of life. A human being's life is composed of several aspects that make life complete. In fact, the level of happiness in life is highly determined by the manner in which the various aspects of an individual's life are orientated. Through the works in literature, the social norms and patterns of thinking are made public. In actual sense, literature depicts all the facets of man that are essential for living. It is no wonder that works of literature are regarded as being thoughts' food and a tonic on which creativity and imagination thrive.

The life of a human being is characterized with numerous learning and education. In deed, we never stop learning until we cease to exist. Proper learning and education are essential pillars for a fulfilling life. In this regard, literature plays the most crucial role in our lives. It is said that when an individual is exposed to good literary work the best educational opportunities have completely been made available to them. This is very true. The great thinkers who devoted their very lives to provide such literary works as ethics, religion, political science, sociology and psychology can only be heard through literature. What a denial if individuals are kept away from access to good works of literature. The conviction that literature impacts enormous contribution on our lives is not only true but also realistic. If we imagine how the world would be like without literature, we get completely dumfounded. How else would we have learnt the many things that we now know if there was nothing like literature? Our minds are socialized to behave in certain perspectives depending on the kind of learning we have received through literature.  For instance, there is a wealth of information on demonstrating ethical standards at all times.

People learn about right behavior and conduct through literature. As one reads on issues relating to ethics, they are not only challenged to act ethically but also deeply convicted to practice it. The truth is that we are what we are because of the kind of literature that we have been exposed to. In literature, numerous real life experiences are given by the authors. This aspect enables us to view life in its true nature without experiencing it firsthand. What more, we given a chance to act in the best way possible to be prepared for such life experiences. The political aspects of our existence are also dependent on literature. In fact, our political views and stands are dictated by the literature that we have read and believed. For instance, there are nations that support communism while others are capitalistic societies. No other explanation can be given for the variations but literature. It will be appreciated that political views and stands have huge impacts on our lives. Religion is yet another important factor in our lives that is influenced by literature. All religions are alive because of literature. Stories on creation, development of man and relationship with the supernatural beings have been kept for ages through literature. Similarly, religious information and dogma continue to spread around the world through literature. Many great scholars, thinkers and great men in history still continue to impact on the modern world courtesy of literature. It is therefore true that literature holds the pillars of our lives.

Literature plays a very important role in an individual's life. No single facet of a human being that is not impacted directly by fiction and literature. In regard to the extent of relevance of literature in man's life, it needs to be taken as serious as life itself; after all, literature contains our very lives. Besides shaping our ethical, religious and political perspectives, literature gives reality into imaginations. Great wisdom from the most influential men of our times is only heard through literature. To say the least, we have immense wealth in literature.


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