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Ernest miller Hemingway was an American journalist born on July 21st 1899 and died on July 2nd 1961; his style of writing greatly influenced the twentieth century fiction. Most of his creations are classics of American literature, he wrote ten collections of short stories, ten novels and five non- fictious works. Among his fictious novels was one named “The Old Man And The Sea”, it was published in 1952 it was a major success selling 5.3 million copies within two days and making Ernest Miller win a Nobel prize.

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From this fictious work is the character who influenced me the most, it is a story about an old fisherman who has a dry fishing spell his name is Santiago, he has an apprentice named Manolin whose parents forbid from seeing Santiago due to is unlucky fishing spell. Manolin though liked the old fisherman a lot and would hide and go see him at night; they would talk about their favourite baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Santiago on that particular night told Manolin that he would get further into the sea and get a good catch. He did that and got a fish that he tried to tag into his boat but the catch instead pulled him with it for two days. He got so worn out and was almost giving up when luckily on the third day the catch (a marlin) started circling the skiff and with all his remaining strength he pulled it to the side of his skiff. He started his journey home with happy thoughts of the money he would make from the catch, little did he know that the trail of blood left behind by the marlin was attracting sharks, the first attack came shortly but he killed the shark losing his harpoon in the process. He made another harpoon with the oars and his knife and killed a few more sharks although by the time he was getting home only the marlin’s skeleton had remained. He went straight to his house and fell asleep, a deep refreshing sleep.

The next day fishermen saw the skeleton  strapped to the skiff and measured it to be 15.5 feet, a tourist in the area confused it for a shark’s and it reached the press and the local paper ran the story, this gave him adorable reputation. This is the fictious character that has had a really big influence on me due to his bravery and courage, even after seeing the sharks he did not give up. He makes me want to face life like him.


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