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Running man may be regarded as a science fiction novel. It was written by Stephen King and was first in 1982 under pseudonym Richard Bachman as its first paperback. It is a 1985 collection in what is considered a hardcover omnibus of the Bachman books. The story in the novel is set in the United States’ dystopia of 2025, in which the economy of the world nations is expected to be in ruin as the world violence is expected to rise. The story in the novel follows Gilbert Tuhabonye, a protagonist who participates in a game show, The Running Man. The game allows the contestants go all over the world as “Hunters” who were employed to kill them chase them. The book also reflects sheer determination of the Gilbert Tuhabonye has he coaches middle and long distance races. Gilbert is an extremely determine and committed individual who was hopeful to participate in the 2008 Olympic competitions.

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Through the novel, Gilbert Tuhabonye uses his sheer enormity to overcome his obstacles to reach his goals in life of becoming an excellent runner. Gilbert is born in a rural part of the developing country, Burundi. He enjoys peaceful childhood life that he describes as idyllic. In fact, his banana skin description sleds into his native, rural home that offers a poignant counterpoint to tragic and brutal events that are later described in the novel.

Gilbert Tuhabonye comes from the Tutsi tribe, and he was caught up amid the horrific massacre that was perpetrated by the Hutus. The novel sets on a day when a seventeen-year-old Gilbert Tuhabonye and his fellow Tutsis are in a classroom at his school, hours before the Hutu tribesmen set the classroom a blaze (King and Bachman p8). The book reflects him the only survivor of the Lycee Kibimba. He managed to survive by hiding inside a recently mass grave where he piled like smoldering corpse. However, he escapes with horrific burns in better parts of his body. According to the novel, this shocking event found when Gilbert was in high school. However, little is said of his life during this moment as well as his upbringing. Nonetheless, Gilbert is courageously moves on with his life after the attacks.

Brutality and are some styles used to sow Gilbert’s determination and dedication that led to his success in sports. Despite the brutal experienced after the attacks, Gilbert still shows determination to continue with his love for sports. He miraculously shows impressive performance in the game. However, the novel has deployed writing style that is austere that only reflects dryness of the occasion. The book has seriously dealt with issues that merit a straightforward lacking of styles in pretension.

Comparing an average sport autobiography with The Running Man, The Running Man may be considered as a breath of fresh air and a tank full of pure oxygen. The novel is incredibly freshening to read since that man present in the story is has more than enough reasons to consider himself extremely valuable. The importance of Gilbert Tuhabonye is revealed in an unusually humble way. Additionally, the story in the novel is not only an inspiration story but also promotes broad understanding of what Burundi experienced. Furthermore, the books caution that the event that happened in Burundi can happen in any other country. I would recommend the book to not only athletics fans but to everyone.


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