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The situation at the Bearden Construction Company is such a case that should be handled carefully. This shows a number of flaws that have to do with policy making, poor structural set up of the organization and lack of proper Human resource experts.

Given the unpredictable nature of the Josh Randall, we find that he goes against the general principals of management that has to do with set up operational systems that must be definite. While this could be part of him either being sickly or it's due to some genetic inherited behavior, a thorough investigation needed to be carried out to ascertain where the problem lies.

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The supervisor's response according to me is okay to the level of protecting the image of Josh as an employee but at the same time I find it to be wrong for this call for patience to be repetitive. While the supervisor has the knowledge of something going a miss, he is not helping to solve the problem instead he is rooting for living with the problem. While the supervisor says that whenever Josh goes violent, it is due to personal problems, he should know that these personal problems will definitely impact on the performance of the other employees who have already raised their concerns

The supervisor should apply the management principal of unity in dealing with the issue as unity does not exist when complaints are raised against a member of the work group of the company. The supervisor has two options that would best work for him in solving the whole problem. He is obliged to recommend a medical check up on Josh to ascertain his condition. If the health condition of Josh is one that can be dealt with and treated, then this should be done and hence ending the problems. If Josh's condition is found to be untreatable e.g. mental incapacitation, then the supervisor must recommend his exit on the job of course with benefits. He must work to solving the problem not living with it.


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