Free Mighty Male Mentoring Program Essay Sample

The Mighty Male Mentoring Program in Fayetteville Technical Community College is part and parcel of the counseling services offered. It is a nonprofit organization whose main aims are to help the male students in the institution make the best out of their academic and social life.

Its design guides students to make informed academic decisions, satisfying career choices and also taking responsible personal decisions. The Mighty Male Mentoring Program promotes exemplary leadership, dedicated community service, self-discipline, effective communication skills, life-long interpersonal bonds, well-grounded relationships, and achievable educational goals in life.

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Students who have an interest to join the Mighty Male Mentoring Program will be thoroughly prepared and commissioned in different areas of specialty. They will further model the mission of this important program and positively influence the lives of their peers.

The student members of the Mighty Male Mentoring Program will participate in leadership workshops, team building activities, social skills workshops, entrepreneurship workshops, career preparation workshops, personal development workshops, college tours, and conferences.

Mission statement 1

The Mighty Male Mentoring Program’s mission is to develop an individualized plan. It will serve as a foundation for students’ success at Fayetteville Technical Community College and beyond. Opportunities provided through the mentoring program will promote the development of each participant.

The above is a clear mission statement. It tersely states what the Mighty Male Mentoring Program and its aims are about. “The objectives are the reasons for being. Objectives are statements of a church's timeless intention to act. An organization can really drift away from the founding purpose if the objectives become unclear.” “Objectives are the enduring statements about the purpose of the organization. They are the future destinations and may be stated in quantitative or qualitative terms, but they should be broad and timeless statements, as opposed to the more specific goals”. It describes the needs the organization is attempting to meet in citing its intention and clear purpose. This will build the morale and cooperation among the people involved in the mission.

A vivid description of the response that the organization is going to use for addressing the needs is in the outline of this mission statement. The mission statement provides an account of the primary objectives of the organization that form the basis for the ethos or culture of the organization. This will eventually help in passing the information to people about the organization.

Mission statement 2

The Mighty Male Mentoring Program’s mission is to provide an environment where young men will get a chance for a personal one-on-one contact. It will offer knowledge, insight, perspective, and wisdom that may entirely transform the individual’s life.

The above mission statement is short and relevant to the roles The Mighty Male Mentoring Program is to play in society. “Make it as succinct as possible. A mission statement should be as short and snappy as possible, preferably brief enough to be printed on the back of a business card. The detail which underpins it should be mapped out elsewhere”.

The fact that it is brief and to the point makes it is memorable. “Make it memorable. Obviously partially linked to the above, but try to make it something that  People will be able to remember the key elements of, even if not the exact wording” .

Mission statement 3

The Mighty Male Mentoring Program’s mission is to help young men build self-esteem, increase their motivation in life, and broaden their horizons and experience in academic, financial, social, and spiritual life.

The Mighty Male Mentoring Program is about mentoring young people on the various life skills needed to succeed in life. The above mission statement gives a clear and straightforward call to that. It is both realistic and achievable within the stipulated timeframe of the program. “Make it realistic. Remember, your mission statement is supposed to be a summary of why you exist and what you do. It is a description of the present, not a vision for the future. If it bears little or no resemblance to the organization that your staff knows it will achieve little”.

Mission statement 4

The Mighty Male Mentoring Program’s mission is to equip the participants with the interpersonal skills to enhance their academic, social, spiritual, and financial life, build their self-esteem, improve their communication skills, foster upstanding morals, increase self-awareness, and groom them for life at college and beyond.

A mission statement should be able to it show why the mission exist “Why does the church exist?” It gives the purposes of the organization “Purposes of the Church” The above mission statement has all the qualities that make an effective mission statement according to Warren. “It is specific, it is transferable, and it is measurable” “Vision for ministry is a clear mental image of a preferable future imparted by God to His chosen servants and is  by God to His chosen servants and is based on an accurate understanding of God, self and circumstances”.


The main aim in conducting such a program is to ensure that people will benefit from it. It should also change their lives in all aspects of life in a positive way and make them better persons in the future. This program should not make the male gender exploit the female gender, as all human beings are born equal before God. Such programs should include all genders so as to raise awareness of everyone in the society for peaceful coexistence.


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