Free Powerpoint and Its Competitors Essay Sample

With the advancing technology, scientists are always inventing new ways of presenting information. For information to be communicated, it has to be presented clearly. PowerPoint in is one of the Microsoft presentations used in classroom and business to produce oral presentations, outlines, speaker notes and handouts. PowerPoint is software used by instructors to present their lessons in graphical manner alongside oral presentation . Therefore, it makes work easier and effective. Nevertheless, PowerPoint is experiencing a lot of completion from other similar presentation software. One of these competitors is Prezi presentation software (Prezi, n.d).

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PowerPoint is an influential tool used in teaching basing on cognitive learning theory. It aids the children' understanding of the lesson thorough the links it creates to the previous information. It also enables students create mental picture that enhances their memory. Additionally, PowerPoint is useful in illustration of a phenomenon, breaking down of data to be manageable, and organizing the information for the learners.  PowerPoint has certain advantages over its competitors. It is easy to create and make learning lively. Also, it presents information to a large number of people; the entire class. Moreover, the slide show is automatic, and the information can be used for future reference (Wauter, 2009). However, PowerPoint requires a screen and projector for display. It also takes long to make, its overreliance in class may make students lose interested in the lesson. Moreover, technical problems require back up information. PowerPoint does not allow student participation since it is teacher-centered.

On the other hand, Prezi is a recent presentation application that involves more fluid presentation than PowerPoint. In Prezi, the presenter does not follow an order of slides, but goes of on tangents. When used in school, it involves the cognitive learning theory. The use of videos and organized information is appealing to the students. Furthermore, it allows students ask questions and get answers faster than in PowerPoint. This application has some benefits over PowerPoint that includes its accessibility by anyone since it is free. Since it is not a linear presentation, it allows for any direction (Tim, 2010). It allows the instructor to switch to the lesson that students need to learn. However, since it is still new, people need to learn how to use Prezi. Therefore, a few people are using it currently (Workshops/Prezi vs PowerPoint for Course Presentations, n.d).In conclusion, PowerPoint is facing a stiff competition from Prezi. Nevertheless, it has more advantages over Prezi. Therefore, PowerPoint remains the best software presentation available.


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