Free Consumer Behavior Essay Sample

Australian consumer behaviors have drastically changed in the recent periods bearing the political and socioeconomic status of the country. The external environment which includes government fiscal policies has greatly impacted on the products and services market and consequently the Australia consumer behavior. The increased tax rate which is triggered by the government economic policies has significantly reduced the disposable income of the consumers, thus changing their consumption behaviors. This follows the economic perspective which requires the consumers to make some rational decisions when purchasing due to the wide variety provided in the market. The buy less due to their reduced disposable incomes caused by increased tax and interest rates (Engel, Blackwell & Miniard 1990).

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The Australian businesses has also invested much on products and services marketing which triggers irrational consumption behaviors among the consumers. Products displays and advertisements in the shopping malls and other shopping centers tend to cause an impulsive consumption to many shoppers (Blythe 2008). It is for this reason that consumers tend to exceed their budget limits whenever they go shopping.

Adequate product awareness to the consumers has continued to encourage many Australian consumers the need to seek consumption utility. Many consumers therefore opt to buy a product or service if it satisfies their needs. Consumer behavior is therefore guided and directed by their goals (Apruebo 2005). For instance consumers opt to buy quality and durable products as they offer them considerable services.

The Australian market continues to be guided by the consumers emotions and feeling towards certain products and services. For instance the physical or emotional attachment of the consumers to the multinational companies and other fashionable designers’ companies has continued to encourage consumption of such items in the market (Lantos 2010).


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