Free Hog Customers: An Insight Into Customer Trends Essay Sample

With the launch of the SuperRide campaigns by Harleys, well over 700 dealerships were authorized to invite potential customers to test drive Harleys motorcycles. With this kind of initiative, people found themselves not just buying the motor bikes; their main aim was to buy the experience and thrill associated with the motorcycles. Customers get to feel a sense of belonging towards this brand once they take part in the SuperRide campaigns, and this boosts brand loyalty. They periodically take part in Harleys convoys traversing through a number states.

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Customers are further attracted by many other incentives and promotions offered by the Harleys company, including free annual memberships to riding communities, emergency on-site service, hiring programs, discounted insurance, women-only riding clubs and many more.

Loyal Harleys customers have been rewarded with branded clothing items from Harleys, exclusive automobile workshops and seminars, adventure retreats and The Harley Davidson Visa Card. Riders find themselves buying the Harleys lifestyle, as opposed to regular motorcycle riders who only go for the product itself. Branding of the Harleys experience therefore has attracted and retained customers from various clusters, i.e. riding specialists, passive enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, white-collar professionals and college graduates.

We can safely declare that indeed, the branding of the Harleys lifestyle and personality appeals to the emotions of customers. Therefore, Harleys does not boast of a client base but rather, a biking community. A family of uniform-minded enthusiasts and users brought together by their taste for unique lifestyles and exciting experiences. These are people who desire something more apart from just procuring a bike and hopping onto it to whatever destination of choice.


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