Free How Managers Reinforce Customer Service Activities Essay Sample

Customer service is a critical appendage in any business organization. It provides a link between the business and the clientele. Therefore, customer service personnel must do an excellent work to ensure that customer service activities reflect the aspirations of the organization. One of the most important tools that a manager can deploy to ensure a successful customer service is a reward system. According to Timm (2010), an appropriate reward mechanism has an ability to increase the effectiveness of the organization’s customer service department in numerous ways. This paper examines the ways in which managers can use reward systems to promote performance in customer service activities.

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To bolster good customer service activities, managers need to understand how customer service personnel perceive and regard various rewards. A manager should have an in-depth understanding of both intrinsic and extrinsic processes. Only monetary gains should not be of a greater emphasis. A competent manager should recognize employee behavior, skills, and dedication that each customer service member puts in the organization. In this regard, the manager must realign his or her reward strategy based on the amount of personal sacrifices or the quality of professional output that each customer service member invests in his or her services (Timm, 2010).

For instance, customer service employees who are frequently overworked may be compensated through extra vacation time, as opposed to extra monetary gains. This would help them reclaim their lost time and thus enhance productivity at work. Focus must also be drawn to employees who show exemplary professional conduct. Interact with customers properly and observing basic communication etiquette is the core of any customer service department in business organizations. Therefore, the management must realign the organization’s reward systems to ensure that good customer service activities are recognized, nurtured, and rewarded accordingly. These include offering either direct or indirect compensation to customer service personnel who display exemplary professional conduct. This would encourage and motivate employees in the customer service department to create ingenious ways of serving clients.


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