Free Marketing Research Methods Essay Sample

Introduction/ opening remark

Marketing research methods are techniques used to gather record and analyze data and information from the market. The aim of this presentation is to discuss several marketing research methods including:

ü                  Questionnaire development and administration,

ü                 Leading scaling techniques, and

ü                 Qualitative and quantitative research methods

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Questionnaire development and administration

•             Use of Questionnaires, is a good method to gather/ collect information from considerably large group of people. It helps in gathering information in a fast way. In order to gather the correct information questionnaires should follow some standards.

•             Language used should be simple, questions should be accurate and exact, only provide relevant information, background information should be presented to respondents, level of knowledge of the respondent, and confidentiality of the respondents should be maintained.

Leading scaling techniques

Several methods can be used to measure of the respondents. This can be collected using observation of the behavior, face to face interviews, and through unstructured motivations.

Finally using any of the methods named above, what respondents finally settle on is taken to be the best option.

Closing remarks Conclusion (brief summary)

Knowledge from the market about what respective producers are producing, make the firm in a better position to compete with competitors.

Using different, market research methods of data collection with regard to market, producers are able to produce what in demand.

The firm is able to make profits and also achieve customers’ satisfaction. This is because they produce what is needed by the consumers.

Questions to the audience

  1. What do you understand by the term market research?
  2. Which area is market research applied?
  3.  Explain the importance of market research to each of the areas.
  4. Discuss the critical issues in questionnaire development and administration.

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