Free Marketing Techniques for Your Business Essay Sample

Determine the level of relationship marketing that would be appropriate

For this type of small business marketing, the most appropriate level of relationship marketing should be the accountable marketing. In this type of relationship, the chef will be required to call the customers and ensure that the type of food prepared is working according to the customers’ tastes and preferences.  The chef can also ask for suggestion or feedback from the customer and if there is any problem so that the chef can improve the product as well as the service. This shows the chef is taking responsibility for the sale Bhasin, H., 2011).

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Develop an appropriate advertising and promotion strategy

Promotion and advertising strategy is the key element to the success of the business and deals with communication with the consumer. When deciding on a marketing strategy, the key decisions should be based on: who the customer is, how to reach the customer and the type of message to be communicated.

In developing an appropriate promotional and marketing strategy, one should consider the following:

Segmentation- this is done by diving potential customers into distinct groups in order to increase the success rate of message being delivered. Once you have the idea of your potential customers, you should explore more information about them.

Targeting- it involves the steps followed to in communicating with the right potential customers ad ensure possible response rate. There are many ways in which one communicates with potential customers like adverting through mass media, sales promotion, public relations, personal sealing and direct marketing. The chef can employ several of the above advertising and promotional campaigns to make aware of the service to potential customers.

Positioning is also important because it helps in developing the image of the company and their products. This can include branding and other marketing mix elements used to improve the full picture of the products. Positioning helps in differentiating the business from competitors by being unique and offering better services.

Once you have positioned yourself, then you have to look for a message to attract customers. The objectives of the marketing campaign should influence the target groups by informing, persuading and reminding customers. The marketing message should be appealing to the customers and especially the target audience. It is therefore important to know the target audience, and position the brand in the way that will benefit the business (Advertising and Promotional Strategy).


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