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Marketing can be defined as the process of ascertaining goods and services consumers need or are interested in. Moreover marketing identifies the best ways to use in selling, product improvement and communication (Mohan 89). Through marketing therefore businesses are able to acquire new customers, maintain the old ones and create good relationship between the businessmen and consumers. This paper seeks to answer some questions concerning marketing such as consumer behavior and consumer satisfaction.

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There is a positive correlation between consumer satisfaction and the variables, consumer maintenance, product buying (Bendle 163).  Consumer satisfaction influences consumer behavior directly. By way of definition consumer satisfaction is the empirical representation of how goods and services consumed by have fulfilled or surpassed the expectation of customers. It was shown that when customer’s expectations were met there was a corresponding increase in sales. This increase in sales might have been caused by acquisition of new customers or as a result of the old customers consuming more goods and services. On the other hand when the goods and services fell short of the consumers’ expectations sales decreased. This means either that the old customers were now consuming less or some of them have shied away from these goods and services (Bendle 163). 

Self concept refers to all what a person feels or things. Apart from self identity concept there are various other consumer behaviors concepts that directly lead to consumer satisfaction. One of them is the culture and subculture. This concept refers to thoughts and ideas amongst other things that are generally accepted and passed on by a specific group of people from one generation to another. A subculture is a group within a larger group. In culture people might like or dislike, accept or reject a product or service. Supplying liked or an accepted product or service leads to satisfaction (Robert 70). On the contrary supplying of the disliked or unaccepted product leads to dissatisfaction. An example is the African American subculture in the United States. Despite being price conscious they like products that appeal to their pride and of high quality (Robert 70).

Self as we have seen is one of the consumer behavior concepts.  This is the overall feeling or thinking of a person. The self concept has three main branches. How a person perceives himself or herself is referred to as the actual self.  The ideal self is how a person perceives he or she would like to perceive him or herself. The final branch of the self concept is the social self which is how a person presents himself or herself before other people. Therefore our suppliers and consumers can be defined in terms what goods and services we offer and the products we use respectively. The two concepts self and culture are related in that the culture or a sub culture of a person forms the basis of a person’s self. Psychologists substantiate this relationship through their research conclusion that man is as a result of nature and nurture (John 140).


Therefore businesses through their marketing departments should be able to identify the various personalities which result from a culture or sub culture. The marketers should be able to know the beliefs, culture and opinion of specific groups of people concerning their products because people have different selves. From such a comprehensive analysis the marketers should then develop a marketing strategy that is tailored towards meeting the needs of a specific people (Kevin 62).  


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