Free Obama's Marketing Strategy Essay Sample

Lay out Obama's Marketing strategy

Obama’s marketing strategy will begin with the promises he will make. This is because promises make the basis for people’s expectations. Obama’s promises should be specific and measurable. Spiller and Bergner indicated that Obama should measure the subsequent fulfilment of the promises he will make in his campaign on a promise meter (10). His marketing strategy should aim to understand and to distil the wants and needs of the American voter in the 24 months between November 2012 and November 2013 (Spiller and Bergner, 10). Obama should make use of technological advances in campaigning. Lees-Marshment and Strömbäck says that Obama should use technology to campaign in order to enable the voters and parties to engage in the type of market intelligence about the USA economy, taxation and unemployment to allow for the select targeting of voters (109).

What should be his approach moving forward to get re-elected

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His approach moving forward to get re-elected will be on the basis of the Obama campaign team should know its own vulnerabilities. Spiller and Bergner says that the marketing strategy should be more systematic, far more granular poll  testing and focus group work that of the Obama campaign opponents (12). The Obama marketing strategy will be reinforced by significant decisions such as locating the campaign headquarters in his hometown of Chicago. This will reinforce a campaign orientation every single day will stand outside the conventional Washington wisdom. This will mean that his strategy will be rooted first and foremost in the expressed wants and needs of the very un-Washington electorate (Spiller and Bergner 12).

Discuss who he needs to reach, how he should frame it, what's his message

The campaign manager should position his candidate in order to reach the voters and at the same time frame it in a way to react to the currents challenges facing the people. Spiller and Bergner says that positioning is marketing tactic used to make consumers think of a product, in this case Obama in a certain way (13). The manager will aim to create a unique spot in the voter’s mind that will lead Obama to be thought of in a particular way. The marketing reality that will go hand in hand with positioning of Obama should be reflected on the old saying that “What is perceived to be real is real in its consequences”. Hendricks and Denton says that Obama should assemble an experienced team to manage his online campaign (109). Through email marketing Obama campaign will have unbridled segmentation to specifically tailor their messages on the basis of the recipient’s interests and demographic characteristics.

The Obama campaign should be the perfect embodiment of contemporary marketing wisdom in that it should be rooted firmly in the wants and needs of the American consumer/voter (Spiller and Bergner 13). The strategy should be framed in the Obama will be the one by grounding his campaign in a careful assessment of consumer needs and preferences. Spiller and Bergner say that in his strategy, Obama should address the needs and wants of people such as taxation, unemployment and foreign policy. This implies that Obama will put the needs and wants of the voters larger than him and come to represent not just a salesman but a solution. 

How can he breakthrough the political noise

Obama will break through the political noise by seeking, identifying and mobilizing potential supporters through new media and technology. Lees-Marshment and Strömbäck thus says that Obama’s marketing strategy should first shape the voters preferences long before the election campaign (110). The strategy should be shaped by messaging around consumer and voter marketing research. This implies that the strategy should be true with respect to the campaign theme and the specific policy issues his team will outline. Obama will also have to break through the political noise by knowing that voters don't care about artefacts and service provisions but they are more concerned about the future job and economic implications of his re-election besides solving their problems. He will also have to indicate clearly what he has achieved in his first term in office in order to break through the political noise.


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