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  • Types of statistical tests used in the study included, simple regression analysis, multiple regression analysis, and ANOVA (one-way analysis of variance). Simple regression analysis and multiple regression analysis were both used as measures of correlation of coefficient: r and R2 for simple and multiple regression analysis respectively. ANOVA was used as measure of variance in the data collected, and to test the hypothesis.
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  • The results of the study indicate that the data collected was valid. This is because after the data was subjected to a reliability test using OLA instrument of survey, the reliability coefficient of the entire data was 0.98 (98%). This indicated that the data was valid; hence, the consequent results were reliable.
  • There were no hypothesis errors in the study. This is because, even though the results of the study did not provide enough evidence to support hypothesis 1, there was enough evidence to support hypothesis 2. Therefore, the null hypothesis was rejected and the alternative hypothesis was accepted.
  • If type 1 error were made, the results of the study would have rejected the null hypothesis, which would have been true. On the other hand, if type 2 error was made, the results of the study would have failed to reject the null hypothesis, which would have been false.
  • The study aimed to find out the reason for low number of nurses in acute health-care settings. It was perceived that poor leadership in the acute health-care setting was one of the contributing factors to the dissatisfaction among registered nurses. This contributed to shortage of nurses in acute health-care settings. The study concluded that, indeed poor servant leadership practices in health-care organization contributed to poor working environment for registered nurses. This made many nurses working in the health-care organization to leave their profession before the retirement age. Consequently, health-care organizations were experiencing problems of limited workforce. As a recommendation, the study suggested that leaders in health-care organizations should increase commitment to foster a satisfying work environment for registered nurses.

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