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The united states of America have intertwined with the Saudi Arabia, not because of any other major aspect but that of energy. The US fully dedicates all its efforts to ensure that they protect their major source of energy supply. This fact explains why the Americans have been deploying its military year in year out to the Saudi Arabian regions. It is obvious that the use of the military forces results in one way or another to frequent bloodshed, thus giving a basis to Michael Klare film, Blood and Oil. According to Klare's argument, military in oil producing area may be against the outside invasion. The invading group usually fights back with the urge of achieving their objectives, which eventually brings about wars.

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As an overview of the Blood and Oil film, President Franklin Roosevelt of the US and the then king of Saudi Arabia signed a consignment on the oil vast oil mines in Saudi Arabia. The agreement was that the Americans provide military protection to the Arab country in return of dominance in the oil reserves. History indicates that the Americans were troubled when Sadam Hussein assumed power after the gulf war. Saddam was against the US invasion as he viewed them as exploitative and of selfish interest. This therefore led to massive deployment of US soldiers to Saudi Arabia, which led to excessive loss of lives (Klare, pp 67).

Concisely, some of the concepts that relate to class systems theory involve that of greed and self-centeredness. Class systems theory tries to explain why many countries fail to develop. Slow development of the Saudi Arabia may be attributed to America's greed and self-centeredness. Generally, the US invasion of Saudi Arabia's vast oil reserves was to achieve their own ambitions without putting into consideration their counterpart's welfare. To date, Americans still occupy the oil reserves in the Saudi Arabia to protect their interests. This fact has hence compelled a positive response by the worldwide theorists on the Klare's critique.


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