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This article speaks about the world's relations being both peaceful and democratic, or being in turmoil and development. Those in turmoil will move towards democracy with help from the super powers. The main ideas supported by this article are that international war is not a possibility soon or anytime in the future. This is supported by the fact that a regime's power is not determined by the balance of military power. Other factors like economic stability and the level of democracy, determine regime powers. Peace is prevailing internationally and with it comes democracy. The power that governments have in developing countries is devolving resulting in self government.

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People are more receptive to self governing, and will be less likely to oppose violently, thus reducing the possibility of national war. "Unlike during the Cold War, the peace these countries now enjoy is a real peace, not only the absence of war, but also freedom from fear of war."One side of the world enjoys peace and democracy, while the other side has turmoil and development. There is no longer monopoly in foreign policy making. Superpower work together to make decisions and are held accountable for every action taken. The other sides of the world still have conflicts and famine, and this will most likely get worse before it gets better. Governments in countries like Israel, Botswana and Costa Rica have centralized structures.

The idea that the side of turmoil and development are moving towards democracy is accurate. They are not only in turmoil, but also developing. Economic development is followed by political development which ends in sustained peace. The said process is thought to take about a century or two to fully implement in countries. It is suggested that the US as a superpower, could team up with Europe and Japan to enhance international authority. Better results of international relations will be achieved by decentralized superpowers. The military in these countries should have effective impact to promote peace. Their military capabilities should be maintained. The more stable an economy is, the more power its military will hold. This is supported by the fact that money backs up military power. The developing world's turmoil will not pose a threat to the democratic world.


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