Free Consumers as Economic Actors in Politics Essay Sample

The need for politics

The need for politics cannot be over emphasized in a nation's economic whereabouts. Political set up plays a very crucial role in addressing the issues related to the economic underpinnings. There are multifarious events and issues that are associated with politics that make up the economic power. Readings provided Foucault (1981) reveal that there is great need for the dispensation of political authority in order to coordinate all human behavior. This is essentially referred to as the self. Thus human beings are always under the constructive theory. The political environment within a nation is imperative for the any activity that is undertaken in the society. For instance, a focus on the Greece's nature of freedom demonstrates the extent of the problematization of freedom. Politics helps in the creation of a unidirectional rationality towards development (Michel 1981). The government has rationalities that are meant to aid in the reasoning styles.  

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Politics and government

The government has the best comprehension of the issues that affect its citizens and therefore in a better position to formulate the best policies. Some of the factors considered imperative for economic policy formulation include the development patterns, the demographic factors, processes within the nation, methods of solving economic problems as well as hindrances for advancement (Michel 1981). Politics and governance are interrelated concepts. None of these factors can exist on its own but only within the presence of the other. From the foregoing, politics can be understood as the manifestation of governance towards addressing issues affecting human behavior. Politics can therefore be defined as the art of providing continued governance through the use of power and authority to come up with policies suitable for a nation.

There are various happenings associated with politics. The relationship that subsists between politics and governance can particularly be observed in consumer behavior determination (Peter & Nikolas 2008). Through proper consultation, it is established the number of consumers of certain products and the existing needs. The current advancement in technology has facilitated to collection and storage of data concerning diverse trends in consumer behavior. The population of a country is composed of different people with diverse preferences and tastes (Mitchell 2007). This means that the government has to consider all the varying needs when drawing up policies. Thus political power and governance play a crucial role in policy development.

Governing consumers

Consumers are the reason for determination of policies by the government. The government needs to come up with elaborate and clear policies that benefit its citizens. There are several debates concerning the trends in consumption in the modern society (Nikolas 2005). The understanding of the process and nature of consumption in the modern society needs to focus on the individuality, psychology as well as personality. The technological advancement has had positive impacts on consumer trends and associated with knowledge dissemination. For instance, a look at different economies shows some extents of diversity and complexity in consumption trends among the citizens. For instance, in England, the change of psychological human conceptions has led to alteration of consumer behavior. One particular example in the analysis of the governance and consumption is the case of Chinese economy. In the recent past, the Chinese economy has experienced unprecedented positive reforms due to the emphasis on change of consumption patterns. For instance, the introduction of dual track systems of pricing and privatization were very instrumental in opening up the economy (Michael 1998). The initiatives to plan reforms on the economy are the reason for the growth of the Chinese economy.

From the foregoing, consumer patterns are highly influenced by governance. Proper legislations are crucial for economic advancement. In absence of proper political will and power, the economy is likely to be in shambles. This adversely affects consumers and their patterns of life. Politics play a crucial role in shaping the behavior of consumers and provision of necessary environment for economic growth. Proper governance can yield high growth to an economy due as it leads to proper planning of the growth initiatives. Consumer behavior is therefore dependent upon the political structure within a country.


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