Free Is Dubai a Political Capital of the Middle East? Essay Sample

The Middle East basically contains Arab and Muslim states. These states include; Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arabs Emirates, Oman, Gaza strip, Qatar, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, West bank,  Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon. Dubai is a city in the United Arabs Emirate (U.A.E).

A political capital refers to an individual, group or country that attracts admiration and respect from the public for good Governance and the level of stability. Peoples' opinions and good image is shaped by way the citizen's perception of their country. Government should ensure that citizens are well taken of in terms of social welfares. Another important factor to consider is the country's state of international relationship, with the relationship with its neighbours.

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For a country to qualify as a political capital it should have stability in its political operations that offer peace and encourages investment and growth. This stability strengthens democracy. A political capital should also control its resources effectively in a way that all the citizen's benefit, and promoting equality amongst all its spheres.

Almost all Arab and Muslim countries are feared for political instability because of their culture. Violence, coups and wars are paramount in most of them leading to poor development, both socially and economically. The Middle East being on the oil strip, most nations in the Middle East are involved in oil generation, trade and production of oil related products, without major diversification. This hinders economic development. They are also predominantly authoritarian in their way of leadership and prohibit certain western lifestyles like dressing, which in turn prevents tourism and settlements from other parts of the world.

Dubai is a city in the Unite Arabs Emirates, together with Abu Dhabi. It has particularly received attention on the world map because of its tourism popularity. Despite the oil focus, Dubai has managed to diversify its economic focus to mass communication, fishing, shipping, tourism, finance, and gold trade (Davidson, 2008).

This major point of economic diversification put Dubai a head from other cities and countries in the Middle East. Most of them still focus in oil trade. Although it is authoritarian, it has some elements of liberalism that allows free dressing, hence becoming a desirable tourist's destination in the Middle East and the world. Dubai has opened its markets and is currently a leading target for products like bags, perfumes, shoes, clothes; e t c. people from all over the world go to Dubai looking for employment or business opportunities. This is unlike other Middle East countries with strict regulations that do not promote free movement in search of work. Most Muslim countries have strict rules on religions, but these are lessened in Dubai.  

Compared to other states in the Middle East, Dubai as a city is clearly ahead. Saudi Arabia has most Dubai characteristics but it is slightly behind. This is because of the high unemployment rate and low living standards. Leaders, unlike Dubai's leaders, focus less on Economic modernization. Saudi Arabians are also too religious compared to Dubai citizens. Muslim as a religion and Arab culture is seen to hamper economic growth. Iraq and Iran are constantly in wars and are very insecure and unstable, not attracting investment nor settlements and can not be compared to Dubai. Qatar is also making attempt to diversify the economic focus but is still not in the level of Dubai. It also set up the Qatar Finance Centre, (QFC) to improve its financial sector. Qatar experienced a political coup in 1995 destabilizing the government and the over all peace of the coup try. Oman experienced a familiar coup in 1970 and an attempted Government overthrow in 1994.

It is therefore safe to conclude that Dubai is indeed a political capital in the Middle East at present. Other states like Qatar are coming up but cannot be compared to Dubai. Dubai has a successfully diversified its economy and attracted people from all over the world. This can only be achieved if there is a relevant form of political stability, which is indeed present in Dubai.


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