Free Israeli-Palestine Peace Essay Sample

Peace talks between the Israel government and the PLO has remained a complicated issue to settle and it has been debated for many years now. However, the dialogue has been propelled since president Obama took office in 2009. The 2010 peace negotiations between the Palestinian authority and the Israel government have been on the tabled since early September this year. The decisive aim of these talks is to reach a final statement to the conflict that has been existing for many decades now between Israel and Palestine (Brom, 2010). This is meant to be accomplished through the implementation of a two-state resolution, whereby Israel remains a Jewish nation and another country is established for the Palestinian populace.

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The peace talks were launched on 2nd September, 2010 in Washington, DC by Barak Obama the U.S President, Benjamin Netanyahu the Israel prime minister and Mahmoud Abbas the chairman of Palestinian Authority.  A second round of the talk concluded in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt where the chairman Palestinian Authority stated that Israel and Palestinians have agreed to swap there lands (Brom, 2010). While Palestinians demanded a 1:1 ration on the land, Israel offered less. The whole dispute thus resolves on the issue of the land ratio. During this talk, Hezbollah and Hamas threatened to intimidate all peace talks if the two sides rejected any potential agreement as a solution to the problem. Eventually, Hamas led thirteen militant troops to disrupt the ongoing peace talks. This resulted to a sequence of attacks which killed and wounded some Israelis between August and September.

On 21st September, Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian Prime Minister became furious in a meeting held in New York and called off a scheduled meeting with the Shimon Peres and Daniel Ayalon, the Israeli President and Depute Minister for Foreign Affairs respectively. This was following Ayalon's declaration that the reference for the meeting summary was 'two states for two people" instead of two states. Ayalon maintained that if Palestinians can not negotiate for two nations for two distinct people leave alone the fact that Israel should become a Jewish nation, there was no need for a talk (Quinn & Hamilton, 2010).

Regardless of the Palestinian and worldwide pressure to have Isabel extend the 10 months suspension period in which she would put a freeze in the construction of settlements for the Israelis, Israel declined these demands. On 2nd October, President Mahmoud Abbas declared that the peace talks would only continue if Israel makes a fresh suspension on thee construction of the settlements meant for the Israelis in West Bank. This thus led to a halt on the talks. It was until 4th October, 2010 when Netanyahu declared that Israel was resolving this issue with the United States before resuming the talks- a situation that would engross a sixty day elongation of the freeze period (Quinn & Hamilton, 2010).  On 8th October, the Arab League announced to support Palestine's decision to put the talks on hold until the ten months moratorium period is renewed. The League also declared to give the U.S government another one month period so that it can plead your case to renew the moratorium period.

On 11th October, Netanyahu affirmed that he would only settle plans on renewing the moratorium only if Israel would be recognized as the native land for the Jewish populace. However, this had nothing to do with the freezing of the settlement scheme thus the Palestinian Authority rejected Netanyahu's barren racialist demands. On 13th October, the PLO secretary general, Yasser Rabbo, declared that Israel would only be recognized as a Jewish nation if the borders of the Palestinian stated are revealed as they were in 1967. These statements were however disowned on the grounds that they were surrendering the Palestinian refuges a right to return to Israel and the Fatah movement called for his resignation (Quinn & Hamilton, 2010).


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