Free President Bush Vs President Obama Essay Sample

While it may be may true form the recent polls on who is better between Bush and Obama show that many American do not see a difference, there Are a number of areas where president Obama has exhibited a paradigm shift in handling of issues that have continued to bolster his unique presidential style which is makes a big contrast from his predecessor; president Bush.

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I. President Bush came into power having being given the mandate by the electorate but he adopted a CEO's approach to running the government of the United States.

II. The Bush administration is reportedly viewed as one that was entrenched with a lot of deceit and manipulations. Indeed the involvement of the United States in the war against Iraq is seen by many as a war based on falsified arguments.

III. While America has been on the fore front fighting against terror, President Bush tool this fight a notch higher by employing more states machinery and resources in both the apprehension and interrogation of the suspects. Memories of Guantanamo bay is but a reminder of Bush way of handling terrorism.

IV. While Bush came into power as a CEO, president Obama entrance to the Oval office was on the basis that he was the facilitator of change. His involvement of the American citizenry in running affairs is a complete departure from Bush way of doing things.

V. On terror, Obama has not downplayed the threat of terror however, has taken soft measures which too many as seen as diplomatic and full of therapy. The recent attack by Bush on this basis proves that Obama has adopted a new and different approach in the handling of terror.

VI. President Obama has come out to be a unique president who administration is praised for holding high levels of integrity towards the running of government affairs. Through this belief, Obama has receive accolades for making the people know what the government is doing towards making the dream of change come true.

There are many areas where Obama and Bush differ in the manner in which the two run the office of the president. To many people, Obama has achieved more by learning the mistakes of his predecessor as well as making the American become an integral part of the team towards change.


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