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It has been evident that the decisions that the Supreme Court has taken on raised questions on the balance of power between America’s three levels of the Government. As much as the Government has still worked well, there is a need for the balance of power to be established in three levels of the Government. This is because the liberties of the American people, as well as the smooth running of the Government would solely be dependent on the balance of power that exists between the judicial, legislative, and  executive branches. A number of ways may be employed to ensure that the balance of power in three levels of the Government is not distorted further. I have suggested three ways by which America can achieve greater balance of power among three branches of the Federal Government (Shelley and Mack, 2006).

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Ways to Achieve Greater Balance of Power among Three Branches of the Federal Government

Improve the policy frameworks of checks and balances between three levels of the Government. This may be achieved through the provisions that are provided by the Constitution. There is a need to ensure that the new policy frameworks that are instituted to check one level of the Government from interfering with the other are reviewed, to ensure that no level of the Government is favored. This is because the Constitution has already provided the responsibility of each Government level (Joan and Witt, 1997).

Secondly, it may be important for the courts and the Congress to reconsider taking on policies that dilute the vertical balance power between State and National Government. If this balance is affected, then it will affect the balance of three levels of the Government at the state and federal level. The powers of the states should be limited to the objects stated in the Constitution, and the objects should not be expanded (Hampden, 2004).

Thirdly, there is a need for the Supreme Court to streamline the process by which one branch of the Government can check on another. Balance of power will only be evident when all three branches are accorded the powers to check the other (Charles, 1997).


The balance of power among three levels of the Government is crucial for the prosperity of America. This is why it is important for the above mentioned suggestions to be looked at, even when the country seeks to balance power in three arms of the Government.


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