Free Liberalism and the Culture of Security Essay Sample

George Lakoff comes from the Rockbridge Institute and is majorly seeking to study how the politics of the United States of America are conducted. In his views there are two main political factions that govern the politics and will always determine the voting system of the American people. To justify his arguments he starts by analyzing the political situation in the United States of America since 1994 when the conservatives gained a major victory in the elections based on their ideologies about politics and the general situation in the United States of America (Lakoff 56).

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According to George, the conservatives are fond of suggesting that liberal do not fully understand their policies and are just out there to win the hearts and mind of the American people through their propaganda. However he critically analyses the situation since 194 when the conservatives won their elections, a fact that left many liberals wondering g the strategies that the conservatives put in place.

The conservatives think that politics should be identified with morality according to their ideologies. They believe that family value is important and should thus be upheld at al times.  According to the liberals the life of any person should be protected at al cost regardless of whether they are born or not. According to Lakoff the conservatives are known for their support for laws tat prohibit abortion. This is an issue that has brought major debates in the United States of America (78). The liberals on the other hand do not support these laws but they have their own arguments regarding the right to life. However despite this stand, he liberals support the right to life in a different version. The liberals do no support capital punishment as opposed to the conservatives. The conservatives look to be in a contradictory position since they support capital punishment which in reality is against the right to life.

The conservatives are also known on their stand to increase budgets on the military and prison reforms compared to the healthcare reforms. Their arguments being that the reforms in the healthcare are basically meant to increase taxes and most citizens will be paying taxes on behalf of the others. This is in reference to the fact that the reforms are aimed at ensuring that the middle class and the lower class citizens attain quality medical services. Instead they believe that reforms in the military and the prison service will boost security and enhance protection of al citizens (Henry 28).

These differences in ideologies have created quite a big difference between the two groups. It has therefore been difficult to analyze a certain concept based on the two groups. This is because when one group is in favor of a certain opinion, the other one has measures that make the other group look unrealistic. The political analysis therefore needs to be focused on the different ideologies between the two groups to determine the reality of the issues. Politics has to be separated from the reality and the facts needs to be correctly analyzed.

However, the views of both side have to be considered first so as to establish the real facts. The world views must therefore put into focus how these views are contradictory or are justified before coming up with a conclusion. The world views on the other hand should focus on the opinions of both sides before making any real conclusion. The terms used by both parties should also be put into consideration. The same language might be used for different meanings depending on the parties concerned. The language used by the conservatives to describe a certain issue differs from that of the liberals when describing an issue. This is a fact that needs to be considered when analyzing the two groups (Henry 67).

According to the paper both the liberals and the conservatives have different ideologies. To some extent both of them could be right according to their arguments. However their views could also be politically motivated and may not necessarily be true. The views of the world on the other hand should consider the facts carefully and come up with conclusions that are not biased. This may require critical political analysis.


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