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Public policy refers to the principled guide to action taken by authorities with regard to a class of issues in line with the law and institutional customs. One of the issues addressed under public policy is poverty. Poverty is simply a state in which one lacks that amount of money that can enable oneself to satisfy basic needs.

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In most countries both developed and developing most people lives below the poverty line, hence the need to find out why? Is it because of laziness, the making of uninformed decisions or poor government policies? Globally poverty is caused by influence of the wealthy and powerful because global decisions, policies and practices are manipulated to safeguard their interests. The levels of poverty are chilling, according to Anup Shah’s article on global issues, almost half the world populations (over 3 billion people) live on less than $ 2.50 a day.

In the face of such enormous influence the poor and their governments are often powerless leading to a few getting wealthy. In countries like Kenya, three quarters of its population is dependent on agriculture, but adverse weather patterns and large regions of arid desert lead to poor yields and consequently low returns rendering the industry unreliable.  Corruption has also fortified poverty in Kenya, According to transparency international Kenya is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, hence government money meant for projects to better lives is misappropriated and some end in individual’s pockets.  Poverty has been birthed due to increasing population and narrowing of resources, therefore the need to get abreast with ways and policies of fighting it.

As the President I would instigate long term policies to eradicate poverty such as; fighting corruption,   provision of civic education to citizens on the need to embrace family planning to curb population growth, long term solutions to eradicate poverty, efficient utilization of the limited resources, revising of the education system to equip students with skills that encourage self employment.

In conclusion policies geared towards dealing with and not overcoming poverty should be developed like those aforementioned above since society is expected to be inhabited by the poor and the rich for peaceful co-exisistance.


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