Free The Social Movements and Human Rights Essay Sample

OWS stands for occupy Wall Street. The origin of this movement is traced back to the Newyork city in United States of America. The protest has been occasioned by inequitable distribution of resources in the United States, leaving the greatest percentage of wealth being held by only few individuals who from time to time dictate the politics of the day.

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How is the occupy movement related to human rights?

Occupy movement tries to bridge the gap between democracy and economic oppression. This has been a problem bedeviling the United States economy for a long time. Based on the way the movement started as simple protest, it is right to say that it has people’s welfare at heart, and it is right to say that it advocates for human rights, but from an economic point of view, (Huffington post, 4th Dec, 2011). According to Huffington 4th dec, 2011, 43% of people interviewed in United States support and believe in what OWS advocates for, while only 27% disputes. Any movement with the will of the people is hard to dismiss. Actually, political strategists are analyzing the way they will handle the OWS issue as United States approaches the 2012 elections. The government has a responsibility of protecting the rights the citizens, whether they are economic or social they must all be safeguarded. These are some of the issues OWS tries to address, and at some point is addressing human rights. Although people may argue that some of the financial institutions participating in the movement might be the origin of the current financial crisis in us, in my opinion OWS addresses human rights.

The magnitude with which occupy movement has gained popularity is alarming. The government has tried in vain to use police to break these peaceful protests. These protests are there to stay since they advocate for human rights.

The natures of democracy at the GA of occupy Chapel Hill & Carrboro.

Form my observations; there is less democratic space in GA. The authorities have not once, but severally used police to disperse people who walk in to either ask questions or participate in the assembly. Although the government has used police, the GA is to blame for some of its problems. The peaceful protests have severally turned chaotic prompting the intervention of the authorities. Although there is a democratic right to protest, no destruction is allowed in the protest.


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