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Family therapy constitutes hypnotherapy and Logo therapy among other systematic viewpoints. Hypnotherapy is undertaken on a subject with hypnosis while Logotherapy is meaning-centered psychotherapy based on the assumption that meaning fulfillment in life is the best protection against emotional instability. logotherapy, contains three basic beliefs:  Life has meaning under all circumstances even the most miserable ones;  the main motivation for living is the will to find meaning in life and that people have the freedom to find meaning in what they do and experience or at least in the attitude taken when faced with a situation of unchangeable suffering.

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The framework for the implementation of family therapy distinguishes four classes of recursive sequences, each of which is defined by its period. The shortest sequences, S1 varies in length from seconds to an hour.;S2 sequences over one day to one week, S3 sequences range from several weeks to a year, and S4 sequences are those patterns of interaction and thought that repeat from generation to generation. Relevant sequences from each class may be related to a problem cycling in the family and their identity used for selecting intervention that would best address the targeted sequence.

Family therapy can be explored via individual therapy, grief/bereavement therapy or group therapy. Individual therapy involves an individual client and a therapist working through the issues and challenges the client identifies and prioritizes. Grief/bereavement therapy involves a therapist who supports and guides individuals or groups through a bereavement process to help alleviate the natural pain, confusion, sadness, and family conflict that can result from the loss of a significant person or pet in your life due to death, separation, or divorce. Group therapy involves individuals coming together to work through their feelings and challenges around a common issue.

A genogram is a flexible tool that can be use and adopted to clarify family dynamics. Genograms are used to pictorially map out family patterns such as substance abuse, divorce,  separation, marriage or death increase and can thus be used to identify  repetitive patterns of behavior and to recognize hereditary tendencies.

To develop a genogram, you make a list of family members in the generations you want to consider, three generations is a good start.  Sketch a family tree using a circle for female members and a square for men. Work down with each level representing a new generation. Identify relationships between every family member in the diagram (twenty two relationships are possible). Draw the appropriate lines between family members and label the type of family relationship. Investigate social and emotional relationships between and outside the family who have played an important role in the family.

Add symbols for them and link them to the respective family members. Choose whether to complete your hologram on paper or using an online genogram tool. Develop your own key for all symbols and lines that you have used if you continued on paper. On a different paper, draw and label each relationship line and assign each line/symbols used a different color, pattern and thickness. Create a key and you will have completed your genogram.


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