Free Gestalt Therapy Essay Sample

Gestalt therapy is presented as a form of psychotherapy that is experimental whose emphasis is based on the personal responsibility; looking at the current experience of an individual and the relationship between the therapist and the client. It also draws attention at the person's life social and environmental context, and the adjustments that are self-regulating; made by the people based on their overall situation. The conflicting view by the client and therapist is drawn from their perception and reality interprets. In the historical gestalt therapy development, the influences that the two conflicting ideas develop are disclosed. Generally, there is variation in their support to the constructs of the theory in which the gestalt theory is incorporated, and through which the application and practice is guided. Due to the incorporation of the gestalt theory by the cognitive revolution in psychology, the gestalt was eventually perceived by many to be an anachronism.

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Basically, the conflict also is based on the perception of the gestalt therapy focus. Factually, Melnick and March (2005) focus of gestalt therapy is on the content and the actual happening (process). There is a strong emphasis on the thought, what is being done and the feelings of the present moment (the therapist and client phenomenality), instead of what could be, was or should have been. It is perceived to be the awareness practice method through which there is an understanding of the feeling, perception, and action as favorable to the explanation, interpretation, and conceptualization. In the therapy process, there is development of the distinction between the experiences that is direct versus the indirect experience.

There is learning by the client aimed at understanding what is being done by him or her and through which the ability to change or shift is triggered (Brownell, 2010). Based on this understanding, gestalt therapy is aimed at increasing the creativity and freeness from the unfinished business or blocks which may result in diminishing the fulfillment, satisfaction and growth and experimentation with the new ways of being. Based on the fact that the focus of the gestalt therapy is on the client - therapist contact, and based on the fact that the relationship can be seen as a contact developed over time, the perception of gestalt therapy may be looked at from the interpersonal and relational approach (Gary, 1993).


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