Free Personal Knowledge and Dynamic Capabilities Essay Sample

An outstanding successful professional career can only be earned through hard work, perseverance and dedication. Knowledge management and dynamic capabilities are pivotal to career development. Therefore, individuals who keep looking for techniques of furthering their knowledge and enhancing their abilities always end up with well established fulfilling careers. They compellingly underpin other professionals who do less to nurture their careers. There exist specific institutions and organizations that allow individuals to specialize in particular fields.  There is also a wide range of resources and relevant materials with which an individual can enhance his knowledge and better his abilities to nurture his career.  The American Psychological Association (APA) is an example of such an organization.

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The American Psychological Organization is one of the largest psychologists organizations world wide with more than 150,000 members.  Its main aim is to develop and invent new methods of enhancing knowledge about psychology which is significant to the lifestyles of various professionals world wide. The organization acts as a centre of creativity, invention, education and exchange to help in molding competent personnel in various professional fields.  The APA is ranked as the best source both for students and professional who desire to enhance their knowledge.

The American Psychological Association is engaged with scientific advancement of psychology and psychologists.  It provides a wide range of resources in all aspects of study for student use. As per career resources from the APA (2009), the organization is determined to molding and enhancing individual career s of its members by offering a wide range of services, publications and exchanging opportunities (American Psychological Association 2009). The plays a critical role in helping individuals kick off their careers, guiding them all through and keeping them informed of the dynamic job markets.          

Students who are about to start a career in psychology should consider acquiring membership with the APA basically because this will help enhance their careers. The American Psychological Association is mainly respected and trusted for its quality services. Patients trust this organization and consider it with high regards. The basic values and principles underlying one's career are reflected by the knowledge that one acquires from this organization. The organization is focused on improving enhancing and maintaining their patient's mental health. With the quality range of tools provided by the organization, their patient's lives and psychological needs are remarkable (American Psychological Association 2009).

Every Individual seeks to improve his knowledge with relevance to his career so as to be at par with the dynamic job markets and world changes.  The American Psychological Association provides their members with neat accurate data base to help them acquire relevant skills to meet the ever changing patient demands. It does not matter what an individual's profession is, the fact remains that one has to work had keep relevance with dynamic capabilities and knowledge management.


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