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Over the past they emerged great philosophers with diverse opinions and views on reality. Descartes, all rounded philosopher of all his time, made great and many contributions to the world of philosophy; however they are debates of some of his theories. In this paper I will examine desecrates theory on distinction between the mind and the soul, based on foundation of knowledge. In the theory Rene has the desire to find the truth; he recognizes that this will be a complex endeavor since he has to discover by severe experience that much of what he was taught and taken for granted is all false. He must at first wipe out his "knowledge" and lay down a new basement on which to construct a permanent structure. His technique involved doubting all that can be doubted, and then on the clear reminder of definite truth, beginning mechanism of building an indubitable structure of knowledge. The expected outcome is a form of rationalism in which only certainty is discovered by the mind of a person through self evident reason.  

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This theory fits my thinking on psychology because of different reasons, firstly there are several things that usually happen in our daily lives which normally bring a lot of problems whereby it is not always easy for the brain to clearly analyze the occurrence or situation, the situation can be best described using the term "doubts". The thing that usually come to the minds of human being sometimes it appears to be very hard in trying believe them or dismiss them as fictions. Sometimes we always wonder the number of thing that are false and we have been made to believe, and also how much the structure of beliefs based the arguments were in doubts by the time the individual was made to believe something that in real sense appears to be fiction. Jonathan (2004) says that it was earlier believed that in order for the brain to be able to analyze anything to try and find out whether it is true to be believed of it is just fiction, the best thing to start with is to do away with away with any idea in the mind that is connected to the new idea to be analyzed and start basing the arguments on a ne foundation.

Secondly it is said that the complete elimination of the present ideas can be done or should be done without necessarily showing that all the beliefs are false, and this is probably more than it could ever be managed. The explained here reasons are; as well as keeping away the assent from propositions that are very obvious, they should also be withheld from the ones that are never absolutely certain as well as unquestionable. Therefore the most important reason for coming to a decision that that a certain opinion is not right and should be rejected is that there must be found in the opinions at least some reason for doubt. It is also said that all these can be done in a way that does not necessarily require going through them one by one, which may appear to take forever. For a good conclusion from analysis, it is always important to have some ideas that may act as the base or foundations for the arguments. Jonathan (2004) states that it is true to say that when a foundation has been completely demolished or even undermined; even the building that has been erected can never last because it can not be strong, hence leading to its collapse. Therefore, it is always advisable to be going straight for the principles that are considered to be the basic ones whereby the former beliefs are rested. Whatever the mind believes to be most true and gets satisfied with it usually come through the senses. But in few cases, they have been found to be deceiving, and in real sense, it is not advisable or unwise to continue having complete trust in those who have ever deceived us even once.


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