Free The American Psychological Association Essay Sample

The American Psychological Association (APA) is a style that was imitated from the "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association." It is a significant format for systematic and other publications, chiefly those within the social sciences. APA helps in various areas such as: enhancing standardization, proper citation, readability, proper citation, presentation of complex information entailed in charts, graphs, statistics and data, and finally it also aids in avoiding plagiarism.

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Generally, these advantages are varied since they contain strict rules in the design of the paper. APA was basically designed to guarantee that the reader of the written material can easily comprehend the theme of the paper as well as gain an indulgence of the theory of the paper (American Psychological Association, 2001).  

My past experience with MLA writing was really a fascinating one since it was not easy to find the number of pages for some articles or publications in order to include them in the in-text citation. All in all the APA is a bit easier since it is organized in a format that the reader can easily refer back to the original writer.

One of the aspects of APA I find most difficult is the references. I am having some intricacy with some of the secondary references since I am always struggling to memorize everything. I am learning that I need to keep referencing back to desirable parts of the APA since I have not memorized all of its substance as of this date or that date.

In regards to improving on my grammar and style of writing; I deem it important to understand the topic and then understand the audience because when one uses a language he/she engages in a rhetoric activity and much of the attention should always be based on the effect it will have on the audience (Madigan, et al. 1995).

In conclusion, one tip to furnish language, style, and APA format is using appropriate writing skills in order to create a writing that has well organized transition. It also helps the paper to create a more intelligent appearance of your paper.


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