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Personality can be referred to as the dynamic and well organized characteristics that are possessed by human beings depending on the behaviors and motivations of people in different situations in life. The personality of a person cannot be understand instantly but it needs to be learned for sometime since situations change and the behavior of people also change. Once the personality of a person has been noted, then he or she is able to be described in accordance with the characters that he portrays.

Different people have different characteristics in the society thus when focusing on the personality of people it is always good to look at people from different perspectives. Psychology tries to explain different theories that have been put in order to explain deeper concerning the characteristics of human beings and how it displays their characters in the society. the area of study that deals with personality of individuals in the society focus on explaining it according to different perspectives that it has such as the trait, humanistic, social and behavioralist perceptives.

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Contributions of Freud, Jung and Rogers

A lot of theories have been put across towards understanding the personality traits that human beings in society portray and some of the best studies that have been considered to be more influential in the society are the contributions that were made by Jung, Freud and Rogers and their studies are considered to be the foundations of studying human personality. These three psychologists have really contributed a lot towards making people understand the human traits and personality.


He came up with the idea of explaining the human personality through studying their behavior after looking at their unconscious and conscious stand points of thought when analyzing their behavior. This is a very good approach that Freud used because through studying the behavior of human beings while focusing on their conscious and unconscious stand points, one is able to claim that they know the personality of that person. This approach is accurate because it is well balanced and is not biased.

Freud made people understand that everything that people do in order to portray their personality revolves around avoiding pain and embracing pleasure and this is one of the best approaches that they study of human personality has had so far because it is evident in the society. in his explanation of human personality, Freud also points out that the personality of human beings is composed of the id, their ego and the superego and that the human personality is composed of his thoughts and emotions too.


The contribution of Jung is also very important in the study of human personality because it mainly focuses on what controls the behavior of human beings and he explains how libido controls the behavior traits of human beings and that it does not only control the sexual behavior traits. This study is also very important because it ensures that people are aware of the fact that behavior traits of human beings are controlled by certain factors.


Rogers brings out a very unique approach towards understanding the behavior of human beings and he did this through making people understand that everybody in the society is born with a given personality and that their behaviors can be changed and controlled. This became easy for people to understand how to explain the character traits of people in the society.

My Favorite TV Characters

TV Character




1. Jackie from Nurse Jackie show

Behavioral traits

Personality traits

Emotional traits

2. Dexter from the TV show Dexter

Behavioral traits

In-born personality traits

Emotional traits

3. Nancy Botwin (weeds)

Behavioral traits

Character traits alter from time to time

Emotional traits


Finally, the contributions made by Jung, Roger and freud are very effective in the society because it ensures that everyone in the society understands what the human personality is entailed of. The understanding of all the three approaches that have been used by these psychologists has made possible for people in the society to define what human the personality entails.

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