Free Human Side of a Serial Killer Essay Sample

Legally, a serial killer is defined as person who has killed at least three people over a period of more than a month between each killing. The purpose of killing is not based on any financial but a psychological gain. According to psychologists, a serial killer is defined as a person who has killed more than two people in two separate events acting alone. In most cases, a sexual element is the core reason for killing but there are other reasons why people become serial killers which include anger, thrill and need to seek attention (Keppel & Birnes 2003).

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Doctors and psychologists associate serial killing with mental sickness that interferes with normal human reasoning. However, there are serial killers who portray human behaviors that are not found in people with mental disorder some serial killers have saved people from dangers before proceeding to kill others (Waller & Fritz, 2010). The purpose of this research is to study the human side of a serial killer. During the study more efforts will be put on determining why people become serial killers and why they sometimes behave in a humanly manner. The research will also involve analysis of several serial killers who have changed their lifestyles in order to establish their experience as serial killers and after transformation.

After the completion of the study, it will possible to determine whether serial killers do have a human side. In other words, it will be established whether serial killers reason the same way as normal people and if not why do they sometimes behave normally. The findings of the study will be used in developing an effective and efficient way of handling serial killers. Determination of the human side of serial killers will help in dealing with serial killers since one will be aware of the traits that both normal human beings and serial killers have in common (Waller & Fritz, 2010). This way, it will be possible to reduce and manage cases of serial killers in our societies.


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