Free Memory and Writing Essay Sample

We can only write what we can remember. If we cannot remember, we cannot write. Thus writing is the ability to recollect what are in our memory bank and then convert them into words.  In other words, our memory is like a formal device or tool with which we could make use of to generate ideas in writing.

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Public Memory and the Archive                       

When individual writings are stored in a location such as the internet, they form into a global or public memory in that location. As more writings of individuals are added into this database, an archive is formed. This archive provides historical records of all kinds such as the 9/11 events.

In 1999, blogger usage spread (Rise in popularity, 2011). This was the first wave. Although it shocked the world, it could not match with the more shocking historic 9/11incidence that touched the heart of almost everyone. 9/11 event was the second wave which somehow over-shadowed the first wave. However, blogging was quite useful for spreading Internet press articles around the historic 9/11 events. Those web sites which allowed people to freely post comments about this ill-fated event received millions of hit everyday. We owe much to the power of internet and blogging where people could easily and freely express in writing their feelings and emotions and share them with others. People could find information easily from the archive pertaining to 9/11 and other events. The momentum of blogging had just begun.

As times passed, however, the intense feelings about the historic 9/11 event gradually faded - the second wave subsided. But the momentum of the first wave (blogging) was rapidly rising and startled the world.

The Rise of Blogging

Millions of people are now involved in writing of self in a blog. A blog is just a web site, or part of it, where people can introduce themselves to others. They can write and insert photos about themselves, the members of their family, friends, and pets etc. It is a place where other people can leave behind their comments. Thus, the rise of blogging provides unmatched opportunity for writing of self as freely as one desires.  It is also a place where people could figuratively copy their memory to the blog which serves as a portable virtual memory much like they could duplicate their files from a fixed hard drive to a portable pen drive. 

A blog is also “a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world” (What’s a blog? n.d.).  In short, the rise of blogging provides unmatched opportunity for everyone to writing of self and to display his/her identity more vividly and easily to the world. 


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