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Two billion out of 6 billion people on earth struggle to live on a few dollars a day. Whether we like it or not there are reasons why the poor still remain poor. People never happen to get richer than their present rank because of a number of reasons.

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Ignorance of financial intelligence is one of the reasons for the poor to remain poor. Financial education is essential as it sets one free from poverty. When someone receives money, he has to pay for everything he does not know and pay in order to gain knowledge. If one does not know how to make, multiply and control money, the chance of remaining poor increases with every day. People need to seek the knowledge if they want a better position.

An individual with a clear vision will move on even the roughest road. An individual lacking focus can never progress on even the smoothest road. Focus builds the future, and if one fails to plan for wealth, it is equal as planning to remain poor.

Some people are too proud. They are not self-effacing enough to begin collecting little wage. Some are too swollen with pride to attend seminars or even reading books written by younger people, thus missing their way to millions. Be modest to do anything in the right way and wealth will flow to your direction.

If one doubts the achievement of any venture that can bring wealth, he is followed by failure, and  remains poor. For people to change their financial situation, they need to reprogram their thinking. Poor people remain poor because they continue doing things that do not work. Diseases and dept also keep the poor at the same level they are.

The welfare reforms introduced under the Clinton and Bush administrations became a success because of the support by other anti-poverty initiatives. This included doubling-up earned-income tax credit for lower income employees, thus a strategy to improve the poor peoples’ lives.


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