Free Practice Makes Perfect or Does It Essay Sample

It is an undeniable fact that practice makes perfect. When we put into context the smaller and smaller increments acknowledged by the law of diminishing returns, one recognizes the cumulative effect this has in the long run. According to Clark (2008) one of the most critical discoveries made regarding expertise is the fact that the enhancement of performance proficiency is a direct result of engaging in deliberate practice. Hence, due to the cumulative benefits of practice some individuals may receive 100% approval in their respective activities, but this does not necessarily define the limits of perfection.

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In as much as some individuals may reach the peak of performance as determined by an assessment score matrix, this does not stop the continuous improvement of skills because of the probability of discovering new things. Former tennis legend Rod Laver acknowledged that practice makes perfect due to the concentration of skills (Weinberg & Gould, 2007). In addition, it is important to recognize that even though someone may reach their climax, they can easily forget the skills they acquired and degenerate to the lowest levels. As learning goes on, this leads to the retention of information, which enhances one’s recall capability (Dehn, 2010). This implies that perfection is a virtue that cannot be given a precise value.

The inevitability of failure cannot be undermined even in perfection. We have always witnessed technological developments that have received praise for making a breakthrough, but later they become prone to failure. Joyce Brothers, a psychologist asserted that any person interested in attaining success must accept failure as an inevitable component in reaching the top level (Maxwell, 2008). Moreover, before one accomplishes a major task, one must recognize the imperfections and limitations that come with it, and the possible chance of failure or rejection (Selgin, 2007). This implies that the probability of failure occurring justifies the applicability of the law of diminishing return and the need for resilience in practice.


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