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The opportunity to log my activities for a period of one week has been of great value. After carrying out an analysis of my engagements in education, activities of daily life, leisure, work, social participation and instrumental activities of daily living, I gained an immense understanding about my interest as well as areas of deficit. The thrilling experience of keeping track of my activities enlightened me on how I should manage my time properly. Motivated by the desire to balance the available time with the activities I had to carry out, there was an awful need for me to improve by adhering to proper planning and management of time.

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Upon carrying out the analysis, I apprehended that I used 16 hours 18 minutes that was a lot of time for my activities of daily life. To me, the activity of dressing and undressing, personal hygiene, grooming, bladder and bowel management and feeding altogether did not require a lot of time. I attributed the lack of appropriate planning was what caused the delays as I had never made decisions prior to the carrying out the activities. Subsequently, I learnt that it was needful of me to make prior arrangements before executing my daily activities of living.

Having used of 37 hours 18 minutes, in instrumental activities of daily living, there was a clear indication that I had a lot of interest in these activities that seem to be close to my heart. For this, I had shown dedication to shopping for groceries completing house work, managing finances, caring for pets, using computer, meal preparation and clean up, using the telephone, and using transportation to get around my community. As a result, it was essential to delegate duties to other people in order to accomplish those duties that I have a high level of proficiency.

Considerably, the time of 31 hours 25 minutes that I used in Education showed how focused I was on issues relating to academics. However, there was a need for me to balance between studying for exams, attending study groups, reading course material, completing library research, and attending the classroom lectures. Indeed, it is complex to confirm that within that time I can handle all issues dealing with education appropriately. Thus, introduction of a schedule successfully entailing all the activities of education is necessary. I will ensure that I prepare a timetable showing the activities and precise time to carry out the educational activities.

On the contrary, it dawned to me how out of the 3 hours, 27 minutes that I used in leisure translated to an average of 30 minutes a day on television with no other activities. Significantly, I was at a risk, since I allocated less time for leisure that could assist me to be active and relaxed especially after a long day work. As a result, of lack of time for leisure I would tend to be depressed and bored with no play or fun activities to help in exercising of muscles.

I later realized that I was being anti-social, since I socialized with only my aunt, sister, through phone conversation besides meeting a friend for Sunday brunch at a local restaurant. There was a need for me to increase my social participation time from 2hours 01 minutes weekly to ensure socialization with classmates and neighbor’s. For this reason, I will be able to have people that I can rely on when faced with tough times that I cannot handle on my own.

With the results, related to the analysis that I carried out, I have been able to establish that I was not living a well-balanced life. Without a doubt, I needed to undertake a resolution that transforms me from being an antisocial person into a social one. I clearly understand that proper balance of time allocation in education, activities of daily life, play, leisure, work, social participation and instrumental activities of daily living assist in time management. Since, an excessive portion of each day’s time was on household chores, caring for pets and attending and preparing for school. Remarkably, I had no time to visit my friends, family and perform any exercise since; I spent most of my day either in the house or at school. In so doing, I advise each one to carry out an analysis on how they spent time in order to learn ways of proper planning and management of time.


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