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Canadians have an aesthetic problem with the Canada geese. They dirt walkways and grass with droppings. Flocks of these birds are found mostly in golf courses, parks and in other open spaces across North America. And wherever there is presence of geese there are droppings.

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Presence of Canada Geese and other birds pose a great danger for aircrafts. Canada geese feed by grazing and they always want to be safe. They therefore choose sight lines on mown grass so that they can be able to see approaching predators. Whenever they feel threatened, they move to golf courses, parks and storm water management ponds where they are safer. Since they have safe and have food in the cities and suburbs, the geese settle in and thrive.

For many years human programs have succeeded in resolving conflicts with the Canada geese. Such include the Geesepeace programs. A Geesepeace program is an organization that emphasizes on helpful long-term solutions, while advancing the community by encouraging cooperative. Other programs have come up with their own plans and implemented them. Humane programs can help with geese conflicts in other communities.

For most of all Common conflicts there are basic types of gentle solutions. First is by limiting the number of stock which can be done by treating their eggs or removing them from hatcheries. The Canada geese can also be fed with contraception. Secondly, geese can be harassed so that they decide to leave. Change of habitat can also encourage geese to leave due to lack of attractiveness. Where there are limited problems, a simple clean up can be enough. Studies have shown that geese droppings pose a health threat. It is therefore important that people should avoid their droppings in the most humane way possible.


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