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A drug is a substance consisting of chemical components which affects an individual's nervous system thus causing a change in behavior of someone using it. Drugs are often used to diagnose, treat or prevent a disease from occurrence. Generally, drugs may be addictive when one is used to consuming them. For instance, the coffee we take day in day out consists of a substance called caffeine which is very addictive. An individual who consumes it on regular basis becomes victims of addiction. Cases of headaches from coffee consumers has been reported as a result of failing to take a cup of it (Jones, 2008).

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Drugs may be abused by its users. Taking an overdose or an under dose of a prescribed drug results to drug abuse. In addition, some hard drugs such as bhang, heroin and cocaine have been widely abused by individuals in the society. Its abuse has over past taken a new dimension and is currently associated with the youths, who happen to be the majority in the world. Effects of drug abuse have got adverse impact on not only individuals of health but also the welfare of any nation.

Health of an individual is certain to deteriorate as a result of drug addition. This is because the drug is incorporated into the users' nervous system and totally takes over its functionality.  Instances of people not able to perform certain duties before consuming drugs have been witnessed. Its trend is vast in the world's population and very alarming. It is such drugs that propel individuals to doing things that are contrary to societal ethic requirements. Such evil deeds take different dimensions such as sexual abuse, robbery with violence and violation of the basic laws commonly governing each and every nation. Its consumption therefore violates the social ethics and also goes contrary to political legal (Zastrow, 2009).  

Legalization of drugs in a country is done by the governing body after a keen scrutinization by a drug legalization bodies set aside by the government. Their main duty is to determine the importance or rather the need of having such a drug in circulation within the country's market. Once a drug is determined to be viable in the market, its manufacturers are therefore given a priority to advertise it. This can be achieved by use of the internet facilities, publishing in the magazines or even forecasting it on the media facilities such as the television, radios among others. The adverts normally consist of the drug prescription, its importance to the consumers and reason as to why it should be preferred by the consumer to the other drugs in the market (Srivastava, 2008).


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