Free Glass Ceiling and Model Minority Essay Sample

Despite the many challenges that the Asian Americans have faced in the recent past in America, they have made it to survive and get recognized. The media and the general public in America today believe that this group has been able to overcome the racial, cultural, political, and social barriers towards their success and have established themselves just like the other Americans. It is thought that through their diligence, hardwork, discipline, and entrepreneurship, the Asians in America have been able to grow professionally, educationally and occupationally. Today they form one of the most highly educated groups and form the majority of the upper or middle class. They therefore qualify to be recognized as the model minority in the United States. The 'model minority' has been one of the stereotypes that has occupied the minds of many Americans. The idea remains a myth because the Asian-Americans still receive lower pay, bump into the glass ceiling, and still leave within high poverty rates. The boat image, which showed the escape of ravages of communism and war, has been an opportunistic as well as a myth in American minds. 

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Although it is a small group among the ethnic group, the Asian-Americans are thought to posses universally excellent abilities, which have gone a long way in doing a disservice to the entire population. According to researches, which were, done concerning the Asian-American origin and their lifestyles in America, this group represents a mixture of extremely successful individuals, thus creating a bimodal distribution. Contrary to the notion of the 'model minority,' this group has gained higher positions in America and others have got a chance to live in better places just like the Americans. The "glass ceiling" and "model minority" concepts, rather than demoralizing the Asian-Americans, has given them an upper hand in their success. They perceive this as a success and a means through which they can survive and sustain their lives in America.

The Asian-Americans believe that through their entrepreneurial activities, they can be able to gain social mobility. They have a perception that human capital, which emanates from a good education can result into career development by creating social capital. The fact that they have achieved a higher status in education transcends the 'glass ceiling' phenomena. The minority model perception has however created several challenges to the group. They often face the challenge of living up to the tremendous pressure, which is often generated from the differences with the Americans. This model of 'model minority' further places the Asian-Americans into groups, which are perceived to posses non-leadership abilities. Further, this phenomenon has made this group to lack growth, because they are not allowed to expand in any of the dimensions.

The 'glass ceiling' phenomenon, as is common with the Asian-American, does not describe them vividly because they have proved that they can be able to excel in their entrepreneurship abilities. A report on glass ceiling indicated that the most important reason for coming up with opportunities, is based primarily on glass ceiling. The report further indicated that diversity is a very important aspect in the organization and needs to be adopted in a bid to making the organization a success. It is also an important aspect for organization to seek for competent and experienced employees so that it can achieve its objectives. In the highly technological companies in America, where Asian-Americans comprise of 20-40% of the population, the aspect of glass ceiling has been demonstrated. Other companies, which have realized the potentiality of the Asian-Americans, have started offering them leadership positions because they believe that they can create major reforms in the organization.

There is a great significance and implications of the 'model minority' and 'glass ceiling,' as the Asian-Americans are perceived to be in America. In the level of the public, this insight a basis for affirmative action for those who are for the idea. In the organizational stage, the employers, who understand the unique qualities of Asian-Americans may use this to exploit and misuse them.


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